Is it the wine or the company?

I’ve touched on this topic before, but for some reason was drawn to it tonight.

Good wine is accessable for most people these days. Certainly there is plenty of enjoyable wine in price ranges that used to have gems that were extremely hard to find. Great wine seems to still carry a certain price premium because of grape sourcing, barrel prices, better glass, corks, etc…

But can a good wine be great? And to the same respect can a great wine turn out to be just good? I believe the answer is yes. But when?

We were visiting a friend’s house two nights ago and having a great time. Of course, bottles of wine were open, food was on the table and laughter filled the air. But did the wine seem better than it really was because of the company? I’m thinking so.

I worked an event last night at one of the wineries I work for and everyone (it appeared) was having a great time. Are the wines great? In my opinion, yes. Were they better because of all the interactions happening? I think so.

When you pull a cork, you open a memory. It may sound cheesy (I kind of am sometimes – or often if you talk to my family), but they’re words to live by. Want to make some memories? Invite some friends over and open some wine. Works everytime for me.

So is wine really about the wine? Or about the people you share it with? For me, it’s a little of both, but the latter really makes the difference. If I can’t share all the great wine I have, what’s the point? I never understood “collecting” wine. Wine is made to be consumed, not locked up for years and years until it’s no good. I don’t think there’s any winemakers out there that would want someone holding onto their wine too long.

The other thing that comes along with wine (good, bad or great) is stories. I dare you to invite some friends over, open a bottle, pour some in a glass and then don’t talk. It won’t happen. You will talk. You’ll talk about the wine, you’ll talk about life, the weather (who doesn’t). Maybe you’ll even talk about how the weather determined what wine you were going to drink that night. But I guarantee you, there won’t be silence.

So next time you’re really enjoying a glass of wine, take a look around. Is it really the wine? Or is it the people you’re sharing it with?


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