Della Santina’s

The other night we celebrated my wife’s birthday by going to one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Sonoma. We were introduced (by one of my previous co-workers) to this tasty eatery before moving to town. In a good way, I partly blame this restaurant for our move to Sonoma.

You see, everytime we visited the area we just had to eat here. One day when we were visiting, we looked at the real estate ads and decided to jump into the wine country lifestyle. That was on a Friday and by Monday we had an offer in on a house and our old house was on the market. It was a risk, for sure, but one that I’m extremely happy we took and we’ve never looked back. We only moved about 30 miles, but the difference in living style is huge.

Anyway, we hadn’t been to Della Santina’s in a while, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed.  I had the Spiedini Misti (choice of three grilled meats). I really wanted the lamb chops, but they were out. So I went with duck, duck and chicken.

Yum, yum, yum. I figured I’d go with more duck than anything else given the two wines we brought along….

We started with the 2007 Cuvaison Carneros Syrah. A cool climate gem with notes of boysenberry, plum and bacon fat. Easy drinking for a Syrah. I would even consider sitting down and just drinking a glass of this. I usually feel that most Syrah wines need to be paired with food to show their true character. It was excellent with the duck though. Very tasty.

Then we moved into the 2007 Bella winery Big River Ranch Zinfandel. What a treat. This wine is just bursting with flavor. Bright berries with hints of warm spices and an intriguing long finish. It has a lot to say, so I’m glad I saved some to enjoy after the dinner.

Della Santina’s has been such a success that they opened a wine bar right next door….

Inside, you’ll find wines from not just Sonoma and Napa, but also Italy, Chile and many other parts of the world. Definitely worth a stop over. Especially if you have to wait for a table.

Of course, no birthday is complete without cake….

While my wife’s birthday doesn’t fall on Halloween (it’s pretty close), this year her sister baked this tasty chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. I think maybe the orange and black had something to do with the Giants too!

Next time you’re in Sonoma, stop on by Della Santina’s. You won’t be disappointed.


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