2003 Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

Ever have one of those bottles that you pull the cork on and realize, “this is something special”?

Tonight was one of those nights. About three years ago I acquired a 2003 Chalk Hill Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. I had tasted it at the time and thought it was a little young (even though it was already 5 years old). So, I stashed it away in the wine cooler for a later date.

I’ve been looking at that bottle for the last couple months thinking that I should open it sometime soon and figured tonight was as good a night as any. Most people save a bottle like this for a special occasion, but I’m usually of the thinking that life is short and you should pick just any night to pop the cork on a nice bottle. Plus we had company and that’s always a good reason.

From the first sniff this wine captivated me. It was like all conversation at the table stopped and all that was there was me and that beautiful glass of wine. The smell was rich, full of fruit, oak and chocolate. But in the mouth is really where this wine came alive. It was so intense and powerful yet elegant and balanced. Dark fruits, chocolate and coffee led to an extremely long finish that left the flavor of the wine lingering in my mouth for minutes. Amazing.

I don’t think there would have been a more perfect time to open this bottle. Many times, I’ve opened a bottle and thought that it was too early or too late and that it would have been better to wait or to drink it earlier. But this particular offering couldn’t have been matched with better timing. I would even go as far as saying it was at its peak, for my personal taste. And that’s a phrase I generally stay away from because you never really know when a wine is at its peak. Plus, everyone has different ideas of what the perfect wine is, so it’s tough to generalize like that.

Tonight was full of good food, outstanding wine and excellent company. I couldn’t ask for more – especially on a Thursday night. The lesson for tonight is really don’t wait. Today is a special day. Open that wine you’ve been saving for that special occasion. Today is a special occasion and you’re worth it.


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