Wine as an appliance?

I used to be in the car business. Selling cars. I did other things too, but that was my main responsibility. Thank goodness I’ve had this great opportunity to work in the wine industry. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed my time working with people when they were looking for new cars. And I still really like cars and follow the industry.

One of the things about the car business that bothered me is that most of my customers were shopping for an appliance. Most didn’t care if their car had soul. They just wanted something to take them from point A to point B. A vehicle that started every morning, but didn’t necessarily “wow” them. In other words, a rolling appliance. Sure, not every customer was like this and some of them really were looking for an exciting drive. A car that when it started in the morning, it put a smile on their face. These customers were especially fun, but they were a small percentage.

For some reason I was reminded of this today and it made me wonder if there are people out there who think of wine as an appliance. I guess there probably are. Why else would all that jug wine be made and consumed? Jug wine reminds me of all the customers that were just looking for that appliance.

The good news is now I get to spend my days with all the people looking for the “exciting” wine. Most people I interact with are visiting wine country to buy wine from places they have a real connection with. Places with soul. So when they open a bottle of their purchased wine, they are transported back to the tasting room and vineyards that surround the wineries. They are reminded of a time that was special to them.

Do I think of wine as an appliance? Nope. Have I in the past? Maybe there was a time when I was drinking cheap wine in college. I look back on it now and see it as gateway wine.

Now that I think about it, I guess there are “appliances” in every industry. And for the most part these appliances drive the majority of sales in just about every type of business. But I’m glad that I’m on the exciting side of this particular one.


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