2011 Growing season starts now!

Here we go….

The 2011 growing season has officially begun! Most of the vines in wine country have come to life in the past 7-10 days. The heat we’ve experienced this past week really moved things along in the vineyards. The 35 plus days of rain we were pounded with in the previous weeks slowed things down. With the warm weather we had in early February there was concern of a very early bud break. But now it appears all is on time.

This marks my 5th growing season in the business and the first bud break continues to be an exciting time. Seeing the green pop up in the vineyards is so pretty. Watching the vines come to life brings new hope (and fear) for all involved in the growing of grapes. I say fear because if we were to see a freezing temperatures, these poor little buds could be ruined. I say hope because each new season gives winemakers the opportunity the produce their very best wine.

There are some ways that grape growers can counteract freezing temperatures in the vineyard, including wind fans and sprinkler systems. But let’s not dwell on that. Let’s just hope that we don’t need to go there this year.

I’ll post pictures as we see the vines progress throughout the season. Stick with me, it’s gonna be fun!


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