The winds of change are blowin’

This is what I was going to write for my last post:

As I write this, I can hear the rain pitter-pattering off my roof and onto the patio outside my window. It’s a sound that isn’t normally heard in Sonoma wine country on June 28th. It’s a sound that is likely scaring the crap out of many grape growers and winemakers. We have had nearly three weeks of warm, sunny weather and the vines have really thrived. Their shoots have grown nearly two feet and in most areas pollination has been successful.

But here’s the issue: It’s supposed to get hot within days of this rain. And heat is the enemy. It is also supposed to be windy in the days that follow and that could be a very good thing. If the wind dries out the grape bunches before the heat kicks in, all will be okay.

I’m not a sensationalist. I watched the media last year take the cool, cloudy summer we were having and blow it out of proportion. This year is different. It’s one thing for the weather to be cool and cloudy, but wet is a whole other deal. Rain causes mold and mold is devastating.

I’m also not one to jump to conclusions. I still think there is a lot of hope for this vintage and it’s too early to tell the affects of the wild weather we have had.

Something stopped me and I’m not sure what it was, but as I look back and read this now it kind of sucks. I’m trying to paint a nice picture, right? But probably not doing a great job at it.

I’m not getting down on myself. Quite the opposite actually. Just had some big realizations lately and there are going to be some changes with this blog and soon. I love doing the food and wine thing and I love talking about the vineyards and growing seasons and there will still be plenty of that, but I’m dedicating myself to more content and more pictures and more truths of the wine industry.

One of the things I’ve realized is I’m very good at talking with customers about wine and grape growing. And I do it in a fun, approachable way. I’m not being egotistical, okay maybe a little, but there is truth in that statement. I wouldn’t receive as many compliments as I do if I wasn’t good at interacting with the guests that visit the winery. They leave with great information, a big smile and usually lots of wine! Always a good thing.

I’m not sure my information has come across as well as I would have liked on paper and I will be making some adjustments. So, stay tuned because the second half of 2011 is going to get more fun and more interesting.


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