Sonoma Farmer’s Market

Every Tuesday night from May through October there is a farmer’s market on the Sonoma plaza. But this is no ordinary farmer’s market. It’s a gathering of friends, family, acquaintances and tourists. Although, the tourists are definitely the minority. In fact, there’s a reason Tuesday was picked instead of a Friday or Saturday. I don’t know if it’s true, but I read that Tuesday was picked so that all the ‘non-Sonoma’ folk wouldn’t be able to go, including the people who have weekend homes here. Interesting.

The Sonoma plaza in unique in that you can consume alcoholic beverages within the square. And there are plenty of beverages consumed, for sure. But it’s not the only thing that makes the gathering space unique, there is also a stage where live music and plays happen throughout the summer and in the center of the plaza is City Hall….

There’s plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables….

And local honey….

Not to mention food!

The corn dogs are darn near famous!

There’s also many fresh flower stands….

And no gathering is complete without Kettle Corn….

But my favorite thing to do is get some local wine and cheese, throw down a blanket and let the evening pass by like a warm summer breeze….

I’m sure some tourists and other visiting folk think our lives in Sonoma are just filled with wine, cheese and lazy afternoons. The truth is most of us work pretty hard, but we also take our relaxing very seriously. The Tuesday night farmer’s market is one of the best places I know to do it.

This year, there was a lot of controversy with the market. There was some complaining from certain vendors about placement within the plaza and what vendors were allowed into the market (there are a limited number of vendors). But I really didn’t get wrapped up in it. It seemed very non-Sonoma like. And I’m glad I didn’t. I’ve been going to these markets for five years now and I think this is the best line up of businesses I’ve yet to see. So, whatever happened I’m happy with the outcome. I look forward to many more years of these entertaining (and relaxing) Tuesday nights!



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2 responses to “Sonoma Farmer’s Market

  1. Laura Weinkle

    Not to be missed!!!! Best afternoon.

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