Red Wine Linked to Breast Cancer

Here we go again….

A recent study shows an increase in breast cancer for women who drink four (4) or more glasses of red wine per week. So, let me get this straight. One study shows that drinking red wine is good for your heart, then another study comes along with this information – now what? I’m so confused. And you probably are too.

Resveratrol (found in the skins of red wine grapes) has been proven to be good for your heart. That’s a plus. But if a women drinks a glass of red wine every other day she’ll have a great heart, but increased risk for breast cancer. I’m sure I could find another study that says if we all drink water, we will have an increased risk of drowning. Seriously folks, we need to lay off the study’s. This is getting a little ridiculous.

Sure, I’m a little upset these study’s keep attacking the wine industry. Or maybe the white wine producers came up with this study to help their sales. Aren’t white wine sales down since the whole Resveratrol thing? I’m not sure, but they are probably doing a study on that too!

Here’s the deal: Do too much of any one thing and it will probably cause cancer. That’s what I’ve always said. So I do everything I enjoy in moderation. I drink a little red wine, a little white wine, a little bubbly, a little rose, throw in a whiskey once a week and a beer sometimes. I’m a well-rounded drinker. It’s the same thing with food I eat too: some healthy food, a little not so healthy (but tastes really good) and some in-between, but always lots of bread. So, if I get cancer I can blame it on the bread or my family health history. Which probably has more to do with this subject than anything else. The American Cancer Society spokesperson mentioned that in the article above. But no one wants to talk about that. They always want to blame someone or something.

Sometimes bad things happen and life is shortened. I don’t wish that for anyone. But I also believe that everything we do has risk. You are probably more likely to die in a car accident (driving is something we do everyday and it’s quite dangerous) than from breast cancer caused by drinking 4 glasses of wine a week. I’m just saying don’t stop doing something you really love because some study comes out and says there’s an increased risk for something bad to happen. Enjoy your life, it’s the only one you’ve got.



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3 responses to “Red Wine Linked to Breast Cancer

  1. Dino DArgenzio

    I think one study identified the highest concentration of Reservatrol is in Merlow grape.

  2. I didn’t know that, thanks for sharing….good thing it’s one of my favorite varietals!

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