Studies – should we change habits because of them?

A few weeks ago I wrote about a new study on the effects of red wine and breast cancer and how too much red wine could increase your risk of getting this disease.

Now this study comes out and says drink up ladies, red wine prevents breast cancer.

Um, which is it? Seriously. This is getting a little ridiculous. “Drink this!” “No, Don’t!” “This will help” “This won’t”

I’ve said it countless times before, but I guess it deserves repeating: Enjoy a little of everything, in moderation and likely all will be okay.

Besides, some of that ‘data’ in the study (any study) is probably flawed anyway. After reading this article about a University of Connecticut researcher that falsified data in his study having to do with red wine and resveratrol it makes me believe even more in my statement above. They say it won’t make a big difference because the connection between red wine and cardiovascular health is being tested around the world, but still makes me wonder why so many people believe all of this research.

I’ve never read a story on a study and then changed my habits. Don’t have any plans on changing that either. I’ve made changes before, but only because I wanted to and only with the knowledge that what I’m eating or drinking is actually healthier. Certainly in the past 6-12 months, I’ve been trying to focus on locally grown, more organic (where it counts) foods. But let me tell you that it doesn’t always make sense. Sometimes it is just too expensive, but a lot of the time the items we need just aren’t available – even in California.

So, I’ll continue living my life the way I want to (because this is America and I have that right). You should too. Don’t be too influenced by all these studies and research that is happening. But all that freedom of being able to do what we want somehow lends itself to putting blame on someone else when bad things happen. We always want to be able to say things like, “Damn this cancer, I shouldn’t have had all that red wine”. What? I just don’t get it. Family history folks, still the most likely factor in diseases and there isn’t anything we can change about that.




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